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James Haitchwai - Guitar and Vox
Carni Klirs - Bass and Vox
Alex Attas - Drums

Additional back up vocals by Katie Greer


released November 10, 2015

All Songs Written by Scanners
Recoded and mixed by Carni Klirs
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Cover Photo by James Willett



all rights reserved


SCANNERS Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Into the Light
Time's up, it's time to shake the hidden hand behind the master plan
When I lay my bones out to bleach and the vultures pick me clean
The last wave washes me off the edge of the sand


Now I know that I am not afraid

When they call out my number, my last baited breath's a sigh of relief
When it's time to unravel from the coil and disappear into the soil
I'm left in peace to descend into the debris
Track Name: The Motions
Somebody pluck my mind out of the gutter
Before I go completely and utterly under

If you count on me, count me out

Do I have anything better to do than wait to die of old age
All the things I could do if I wasn't staring at a blank page

California, California
Chasing myself with nowhere to run
California, California
Hung out to dry in the desert sun
Track Name: Crying Wolf
Sit down, shut up, don't make another move
You've neither lived nor learned if you can't cough up the proof
Jump off the bridge and watch it burn
And run yourself into the ground at every turn

He's crying wolf again

Now he's howling at the moon
Big ideas from a small mind that spoke too soon
I don't even wanna know if it's true
I'm just wondering what the fuck is wrong with you

In one ear and out the other
There's nothing in the middle
Track Name: Petty Tragedy
It's a petty tragedy
Knocked the sympathy right out of me
Get behind a lost cause
Take a permanent pause

You must've seen the light and it must've struck you blind
You're lagging far behind what you think you're gonna find
With your head held up high and your feet in quicksand
Your best-laid plans are out of your hands
But everybody gets what they think they deserve

Build four walls around a rut
Doors and windows boarded shut
Light escapes through the cracks
Til all you see fades to black

Without a clue, without a doubt, lead the way with a light gone out
All the way up a wall til you take another fall
Hit the ground running back up, when will you add it up
Have you had enough
You're gonna get what you think you deserve

I can't mend, I can't defend, I can't push you through a dead end
There's noone to fight or prove wrong or right or show that you're feeling contrite
The last flash of a spark, ashes scattered in the dark
Fallen apart
What did you expect?
Track Name: Bad Idea
Am I out of my mind or am I onto you
I've got a bad idea and I'm gonna follow through
Track Name: The Future is Over
Will there be anybody left to smell me rotting in my cell
Or am I the only one who will live to tell
I don't believe in heaven but I sure believe in hell

The end is near, almost here, the end is here

Why can't it stop right here?

Buried in a box of cinder blocks, tin cans and schematic plans
Waiting out the blaze in my fireproof safe
I'm counting the days
Track Name: Pound of Flesh
Pinch me, am I awake
Am I dead or alive for heavens sake
Or am I stuck in the middle
As the bed spins and the floor shakes

They've come to collect their debt, string me up like a marionette
Do I pay in full or make a bet?

After the nightmare comes the rude awakening
Let the witch hunt begin

Went to bed and woke up dead
Pulled kicking and screaming out of bed
It's time to learn a lesson, sign this confession
And offer up a pound of flesh

When the sun sets on judgment day
You can chase me into my shallow grave
I'll come back from this bender marked return to sender
And it'll never ever end