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Bogus Existence


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Everything we know's been bought and sold/the music never dies, it just gets old A day late and a dollar short Nothing to give in return for all we stole It's all been done
Enemy 01:39
Another voice in the choir/don't know about you but I'm getting tired Now we're all enemies Only agree to keep arguing/do you even know what you mean As the world takes its last turn, it shakes, it breaks and then it burns Tell me something I don't know, have you got nothing more to show? No Talk is cheap, see what you wanna see
Hellhole 03:32
Wake me up in the morning/I'll slam the door in your face and go back to sleep/ignore every warning/and sink back into my private trash heap In the back of this cave/I can't behave, I can't be saved/but even if I could/why would I want to? Low life, yeah so what/no life, who gives a fuck/yeah, whatever, shut up Pathologically lazy/numb and dumb and ineffectual/my brain has totally atrophied/nothing's gonna seep through my thick skull Nesting in the depths of hell/enveloped in a death-like smell/I've checked out of the real world
Vampire 02:41
I'm taking a permanent vacation/a hundred million lifetimes of damnation/hollowed out to host a parasite/a ghost with a bottomless appetite Don't wanna see the light of day Can't wait to be a bumbling bag of bones/stumbling drunkenly through the catacombs/take a seat at the edge of oblivion/I will be the dead among the living I'm gonna melt under the sun's rays It really ain't so bad
Never again was what I said last time/I must be out of my mind/I won't ask much of you if you don't ask much of me/but how long does it take to wait and see? Keep telling me riddles and I'll keep telling you jokes/we went on and on and on but not a word we spoke/don't ask much of me and I won't ask much of you/but someone's gotta drop the other shoe Forget it When you toss and turn and wake up screaming/will you snap out of the prophecy you're dreaming? In too deep now, go back to sleep now/when we wake up it'll be too late to make up
Monkey 02:30
?????????/you think you can but no you can't/anywhere you run, you're gonna get spun/round and round back to where you began I'm the monkey catching a ride on your back/gnawing at you until you crack/I'll get the last laugh Give up Soon as you're set free/you'll run back into me/I'm bringing hell with me wherever I go/without a doubt, you've been chewed up and spat out/not sorry to say I told you so


Downer songs for losers and outcasts, for those fed up with this Bogus Existence.

Download comes with free PDF lyric booklet. All photography by James Haitchwai.


released March 23, 2017

James Haitchwai - Guitar and vox
Carni Klirs - Bass and backing vox
Alex Attas - Guitar
Lennon Luks - drums

All songs written by Scanners
Recorded and mixed by Carni Klirs
Mastered by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios


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SCANNERS Washington, D.C.


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